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Here you can find the shows filled with bands that are recently reviewed at BRUTALISM.com
Category: Metal
Location: Eindhoven
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I am the founder and owner of BRUTALISM.com, a site dedicated to the metal scene

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October 27, 2014 10:34 AM PDT

1. Obtruncation - Guru
2. Brutal Homicide - No remorse, No Redemption
3. Internal Rot - Opened From Inside
4. Korzus - Bleeding Pride
5. Singularity - The Descent
6. The Flesh Trading Company - Burn The Witch
7. A Scar For The Wicked - Silence Vile Temptress
8. Circle Of Indifference - A Child But Not
9. Postmortem - Among The Dead
10. Dickless Tracy - Virus

Obtruncation: facebook.com/obtruncation
Brutal Homicide: facebook.com/homicidemexico
Internal Rot: facebook.com/internalrotters
Korzus: facebook.com/korzusofficial
Singularity: facebook.com/singularityaz
The Flesh Trading Company: facebook.com/thefleshtradingcompany
A Scar For The Wicked: facebook.com/asftw
Circle Of Indifference: facebook.com/circleofindifference
Postmortem: facebook.com/postmortem1
Dickless Tracy: facebook.com/dicklesstracygrind

October 20, 2014 09:27 AM PDT

1. Tyranny Enthroned - The Incubus
2. Holdkrast - Her Sons In The Hand Of Terror
3. Orion - My Dying Prayer
4. Mangel - A Drift In Desire
5. Mindwars - Crash
6. Dire Omen - Foretold Untethering From Existence
7. Fathomhell - Serpent II
8. Cemetery Filth - Gateway Among The Graves
9. See Through Secrecy - In Your Memory
10. Carnality - Fall Of The Human Ratio

Tyranny Enthroned: facebook.com/tyrannyenthroned
Holdkrast: facebook.com/pages/holdkrast/140201896152438
Orion: facebook.com/orionmumbaimetal
Mangel: facebook.com/mangelblackmetal
Mindwars: facebook.com/mindwarsband
Dire Omen: facebook.com/direomen
Fathomhell: facebook.com/fathomhell
Cemetery Filth: facebook.com/cemeteryfilth
See Through Secrecy: facebook.com/seethroughsecrecy
Carnality: facebook.com/carnalityband

October 13, 2014 09:21 AM PDT

1. Afterbirth - Maggots In Her Smile
2. Diphteria - Monsanto
3. Mass Idolatry - Signs Of Tragedy
4. Destructive Explosion Of Anal Garland - Circumcision Snitzels
5. Misericordia - For Our Father
6. Convictors - Proclivity
7. Entrench - Devoid Of Life
8. Dawn Of Ruin - Ekhidna
9. Keep On Rotting - Ones And Noughts Pool
10. Accursed Spawn - My Fist

Afterbirth: facebook.com/afterbirthnydeathmetal
Diphteria: facebook.com/pages/diphteria-metal/197436074854
Mass Idolatry: facebook.com/massidolatryofficial
Destructive Explosion Of Anal Garland: facebook.com/deoag
Misericordia: facebook.com/misericordia.sweden
Convictors: facebook.com/pages/convictors/193985730631296
Entrench: facebook.com/entrench
Dawn Of Ruin: facebook.com/pages/dawn-of-ruin/117969561625400
Keep On Rotting: facebook.com/pages/keep-on-rotting/131013326912682
Accursed Spawn: facebook.com/accursedspawn

October 06, 2014 09:21 AM PDT

1. Emeth - Exterminate The Vacillating
2. Derrame - Crawl To Die
3. Grim Ordeal - Drainage
4. Ordo Inferus - Damnati
5. Abvulabashy - Nihilistik Jahilliah Genocide
6. Zombiefication - The Never Ending Quest
7. Sidious - Obscenity Ov Old
8. Trascendental - Gods -False Answer II-
9. Astarium - Golem
10. Mysticum - Annihilation

Emeth: www.facebook.com/emethofficial
Derrame: www.facebook.com/derramemetal
Grim Ordeal: www.facebook.com/grimordeal
Ordo Inferus: www.facebook.com/pages/ordo-inferus/373896722727651
Abvulabashy: www.facebook.com/pages/abvulabashy/137582526310911
Zombiefication: www.facebook.com/zombiefication666
Sidious: www.facebook.com/sidiousofficial
Astarium: www.facebook.com/pages/Astarium/431770980182572
Mysticum: www.facebook.com/mysticums

September 29, 2014 10:25 AM PDT

1. Coprocephalic - Synthetic Aberration
2. Deserted Fear - Mortal Reign
3. Bombnation - Slayed By Slayer
4. Endzeit - Hunger
5. Calm Hatchery - Illusory World
6. Endless Recovery - Resistant Bangers
7. Black Jesus - Reek Of Crucifiction
8. Alitor - Realm Of Grief
9. Obsessor - Hordes Of The Goatkult
10. Vomitile - Nekropound

Coprocephalic: www.facebook.com/coprocephalicofficial
Deserted Fear: www.facebook.com/desertedfear
Bombnation: www.facebook.com/bombnation
Endzeit: www.facebook.com/endzeitofficial
Calm Hatchery: www.facebook.com/calmhatchery
Endless Recovery: www.facebook.com/endless.recovery
Black Jesus: www.facebook.com/thetrueblackjesus
Alitor: www.facebook.com/alitorofficial
Obsessor: www.facebook.com/blitzkriegbattalion
Vomitile: www.facebook.com/vomitile

September 22, 2014 10:31 AM PDT

1. Solace Of Requiem - Song Of Shards
2. Lelahell - Voices Revealed
3. Nerocapra - Uccido La Bestia
4. Oblivionized - Lower Your Expectations
5. Victims Of Contagion - The Parasitic Unborn
6. Cropsy Maniac - Creepy Things
7. Abazagorath - Mahound
8. Party Cannon - Everyone Is Dead To Me
9. Siftercide - Gore Wolves
10. Hegeroth - Forgotten Place

Solace Of Requiem: www.facebook.com/solaceofrequiem
Lelahell: www.facebook.com/lelahell
Nerocapra: www.facebook.com/nero.capra
Oblivionized: www.facebook.com/oblivionized
Victims Of Contagion: www.facebook.com/victimsofcontagion
Cropsy Maniac: www.facebook.com/cropsymaniacgrind
Abazagorath: www.facebook.com/abazagorath666
Party Cannon: www.facebook.com/partycannonuk
Siftercide: www.facebook.com/siftercide
Hegeroth: www.facebook.com/hegeroth

September 15, 2014 10:28 AM PDT

1. Emblazoned - Fatherless Predecessor
2. Garden Of Grief - All Out
3. Exoto - Waveyard
4. Bolesno Grinje - Hrana Kao Oruzje
5. Bleeding Utopia - Until Death Collects ...
6. Aghast - It's Your Funeral
7. Gormathon - Absence Of Trust
8. The Stone - Pesimizam
9. Necrotted - Xenophobic Attitudes
10. Pyre - Last Nail In Your Coffin

Emblazoned: www.facebook.com/emblazoned666
Garden Of Grief: www.facebook.com/gardenofgriefofficial
Exoto: www.facebook.com/pages/exoto/415058545194901
Bolesno Grinje: www.facebook.com/bolesnogrinje
Bleeding Utopia: www.facebook.com/bleedingutopia
Aghast: www.facebook.com/aghastkvlt
Gormathon: www.facebook.com/gormathon
The Stone: www.facebook.com/thestonehorde
Necrotted: www.facebook.com/necrotted
Pyre: www.facebook.com/pages/pyre/183665955062494

September 01, 2014 09:56 AM PDT

1. Septycal Gorge - Breed Of The Rejected (Sons Of Enoch pt.2)
2. Imperial Darkness - Nosoforos
3. Madrost - Universal Energy
4. Innsmouth - The Shadow Over Innsmouth
5. Dying Out Flame - Shiva Rudrastakam
6. Jig-Ai - Ten Seconds In A Cunthole
7. Deathronation - Realm Of Shadows
8. Nothgard - Obey The King
9. Emrevoid - Patibolo
10. Solbrud - Ursult

Septycal Gorge: www.facebook.com/septycalgorge.official
Imperial Darkness: www.facebook.com/pages/imperial-darkness/280396171983681
Madrost: www.facebook.com/madrost
Innsmouth: www.facebook.com/frostkoldmetal
Dying Out Flame: www.facebook.com/dof.vedic
Jig-Ai: www.facebook.com/jigaigore
Deathronation: www.facebook.com/deathronation
Nothgard: www.facebook.com/nothgard
Emrevoid: www.facebook.com/emrevoid
Solbrud: www.facebook.com/solbrud

August 25, 2014 09:58 AM PDT

1. Betrayer - Beware
2. Lurking Evil - Blood Is Life
3. Sisters Of Suffocation - Boundaries
4. Hin Hale - Plaguestorm
5. The King Is Blind - Thorns That Pierce The Skull
6. Infernal Awakening - Necromica
7. Malum In Se - ...Of Death....Of Lurid Soul... II
8. Swine Overlord - Falsum Messias
9. My Dominion - Hide
10. Womit Angel - Serpens Cauda

Betrayer: www.facebook.com/pages/betrayer/455078131255320
Lurking Evil: lurkingevil.bandcamp.com
Sisters Of Suffocation: www.facebook.com/sistersofsuffocation
The King Is Blind: www.facebook.com/thekingisblind
Infernal Awakening: www.facebook.com/pages/infernal-awakening/167077680017320
Swine Overlord: www.facebook.com/swineoverlord
My Dominion: www.facebook.com/mydominionmetal
Womit Angel: www.facebook.com/pages/wömit-angel/190157331001341

August 18, 2014 12:53 PM PDT

1. Mind Snare - Deceived Humanity
2. Sposa In Alto Mare - Necrofagiano (Fly High Into The Sky)
3. Horrendous - Nepenthe
4. Throne Of Sacrilege - As The Black Wind Howls
5. Miseo - No Guts No Glory
6. Burning Nitrum - Apocalypse Of Pain
7. White Empress - The Congregation
8. The Hole - The Third Seal
9. Prayed And Betrayed - Deafblind
10. Arms Of War - The Void

Mind Snare: www.facebook.com/pages/mind-snare/280665985277153
Sposa In Alto Mare: www.facebook.com/sposainaltomare
Horrendous: www.facebook.com/horrendousdeathmetal
Throne Of Sacrilege: www.facebook.com/throneofsacrilege
Miseo: www.facebook.com/officialmiseo
Burning Nitrum: www.facebook.com/burningnitrum
White Empress: www.facebook.com/whiteempress
The Hole: www.facebook.com/theholeofficial
Prayed And Betrayed: www.facebook.com/prayedandbetrayed
Arms Of War: www.facebook.com/armsofwar

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